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Company NameCopterCam Puerto Rico
LocationPuerto Rico
Member Since18 Sep 2012
CopterCam Puerto Rico is a professional Aerial Cinematography and Photography Production company creating unique digital media for a wide array of clients in Puerto Rico. We fly unmanned remote controlled helicopters for a new type of creative aerial media that few have seen. This is a perspective that will captivate and amaze your audience! The camera can now fly up close and personal and we can offer you that "impossible" point of view. Go to the gallery for samples of our work!

Our helicopters capable of High Quality Digital Photography and True HD Video in 1080P. Our custom made Helicam can provide HD Aerial Footage for Hollywood Feature Films, Television, Independent Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Real Estate Aerial Photography, Inspection, Development, Construction and all your Aerial Media needs. Puerto Rico based we travel to offer this unique service as needed.

Benefits Of Remote Helicam Vs. Full Size Manned Aircraft

Boldly fly where no one has flown before! Simply put we can fly where no one else can... and when no one else can... for example our Remote Controlled Helicopter can take off a moments notice. Our stabilized remote control helicopter camera can also fly through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions at low or high altitudes. We can operate in places where a real helicopter cannot access safely. Copter Cam Puerto Rico can also fly closer to subjects and perform shots too dangerous for a full size aircraft. Our system is also excellent for chase shots.
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