AE projects - licensing?

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    MDMotion 2 Sep 2012 09:49

    I've written an email to Pond5, but did not receive an answer yet:

    As we all know, licensing can sometimes be interpreted in different ways. What I'd like to know is this:

    Does the Pond5 license for AE projects allow a buyer to re-use an AE project for multiple customizations - from a single purchase?


    EDIT: Did not see the post below - I'll wait for an official response as well, thanks
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    RekindlePhoto 2 Sep 2012 14:40
    I would believe that the RF purchase is for the one single business that bought it. If you are a developer that supplies to different end users I would believe that each end user would need to purchase the file. Buying it once and using it at ten different companies or business would not be appropriate IMHO. That would be like becoming a stock agency that continues to resell a single purchased product.
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    MDMotion 3 Sep 2012 21:49
    Thanks, I agree - I'd still very much like to have an official Pond5 response, since I was alerted to the fact, that someone's actually buying templates here, and customizing multiple times from just one single purchase...

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    suhail_inayat 5 Oct 2012 05:10
    Did you get the response from P5 yet ?