Photo Preview Needs Major Work

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    vadervideo 6 Oct 2012 19:22
    Looking at the P5 photo offerings, there is a major component missing IMHO. A preview at 100% of any selected area of a photo. This allows assurance to a buyer that there is no fringing, artifacting etc.. going on. Right now as it sits, I would have a problem buying a photo based on the preview option of only having a small watermarked generic view of a photo. Granted at what some pricing is set at, it may truly live up to its value. However, by not having such facilities available to buyers, it downgrades the value even of the sharpest cleanest photo. Simply because a buyer can not pre-verify the quality themselves. Basically P5 is assuming that all buyers will trust the curation process used by P5. Well this is not so. I have heard this directly from a recent and potential buyer. They want to have the option to preview at 100% of any area they select. This is to check for fringing, artifacts and grain.

    I believe once this is facilitated, buyers would be more apt to understand the difference in pricing and would bring P5 to a whole new level of quality as it would literally deter people from uploading bad photos. If if can be done on the footage side, then why no on the photo side?
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    RekindlePhoto 7 Oct 2012 01:05
    Totally agree. If it brings quality up and increases cost for photos by only 10% think of the millions P5 will make above current profit ;). So may over processed photos have artifacts and purple fringe, same goes from cheaper consumer and point and Shoot cameras. Looks ok on preview or 8x10 inch print, anything else it's crap. Some of the bigger most successful photo agencies don't even want the photographer to use any level of sharpening or to use very minimal post processing to protect the data for the buyer to use. So many photos here are processed to the point that many buyers will not want them and we'll loose them as loyal buyers forever.

    Good suggestion Andy.
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    AcmeStudios 18 Oct 2012 15:44
    Something similar to the new Amazon Zoom Tool would be a great solution.