V2 far from ready for prime time

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    RekindlePhoto 28 Jan 2013 04:27
    Holy crap. Every-time I get a sale I go back and review my description and keywords on sold clip. This helps to ensure old data is more accurate. Well when using the "new V2" the keyword changes is IMHO terrible. No way to keep any order or sort of keywords. I know it's not used here at P5 but nice to have the most important keywords in the front of list. I tried several times and finally went back to old version and works fine. Maybe something that will take time to get used to. Keep it simple is always the best option. Sellers need simple straight forward easy to manage with no fluff or fancy programming. All that was really needed on keywording was a spell checker for old version.
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    RekindlePhoto 28 Jan 2013 04:52
    Going back to old version. Like others have said, the forum view is now showing first page and not last input. So far I'm not seeing any improvement on sellers side on V2, or at least not enough to justify the time and expense.
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    MovingImages 2 Feb 2013 04:37
    I have spoken with other artists and they have also noticed that load times and overall lag on the V2 of the site is very distracting.
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    EarthUncutTV 2 Feb 2013 06:25
    Will the old version of P5 remain active indefinitely or will it eventually be phased out? The lag time on V2 us really off putting for me right now so will stick with old version.