Time to take on SS

  • RekindlePhoto avatar
    RekindlePhoto 7 Feb 2013 01:51
    SS just announced the end to lifetime referrals. The submitters are none to happy. Sounds like another NetFlix and Instragram poor timing and poor business announcements. After-all the success of any agency is the growth of great producers.
    So P5 take a jab and be the leader ... make referral income permanent and steal SS's thunder and all of their artists. IS has already lost a huge number of artists and their sales have plummeted after lowering commission rates.

    A great time for P5 to step up and gain the worlds best artists by supporting referrals like no other agency.
  • MichaelWard avatar
    MichaelWard 7 Feb 2013 03:31
    I've dabbled in a few of these other sites, but have never been as satisfied as I am here at Pond 5 for many reasons. Sounds like a bad business move for SS.
  • vadervideo avatar
    vadervideo 8 Feb 2013 21:12
    Well well. Even so, 2 years is still fine. By law, lifetime means 1 year anyway. ;)
  • RekindlePhoto avatar
    RekindlePhoto 8 Feb 2013 23:04
    I still like SS, just P5 better. This just opens the door for SS competitors to make a grab at more referrals and therefore more and hopefully better quality products. In almost every business I've been affiliated with, whenever they start cutting costs by cutting into the supplier payments it means there is a financial problem with the company. With their IPO that shouldn't be but $100 million really was not all that much.