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    andrefaubert 22 Mar 2012 18:37
    If there saying yes to most images they should do away with the approval and just open the flood gates and not piss the contributors off. If you make me wait too long I'm gone and not coming back I have other site that work very well and I have no interest in your wasting my time. I have already black listed other sites for same reason and you are already loseing my interest very fast your not the first site to do this the other site that was doing the same thing is now gone because everybody is now gone from the site and they where forced to close down I suggest you don't do the same and if you do I don't care because I will already be gone to help your competitor that is doing it the right way.
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    Annamorphic 4 Jun 2013 13:58
    youtube has got it together in that department.....................