Footages of architecture

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    laimunyee 10 Sep 2012 05:08
    Hi everyone,

    I'm doing a commercial shoot which requires some shot of National Assembly of Bangladesh and also Royal Palace of Cambodia.

    Was wondering anyone might have shot this before?

    Thanks guys!
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    SevArt 10 Sep 2012 12:21
    If you need Angkor Wat footage go to:
    HD Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

    video clip 4195463video clip 4263574video clip 4279713video clip 4260183video clip 4257483video clip 4226254video clip 4279885video clip 4280002video clip 4279871video clip 4279735video clip 4279663video clip 4279560video clip 4212314video clip 4269653video clip 4279601video clip 4279449video clip 4280080video clip 4279653video clip 4259108video clip 4279514video clip 4280200video clip 4280148video clip 4211557video clip 4280121video clip 4280145video clip 4278278video clip 4178197video clip 4280133video clip 4280786video clip 4279547video clip 4279722video clip 4279786video clip 4279683video clip 4280740video clip 4197270video clip 4279977video clip 4279768video clip 4279863video clip 4187907video clip 4280498video clip 4279451video clip 4279890video clip 4277043video clip 4266190video clip 4279826video clip 4279662video clip 4279525video clip 4280300video clip 4279590video clip 4279986video clip 4280240video clip 4215733video clip 4280210video clip 4186652video clip 4279740video clip 4274116video clip 4265073video clip 4280397video clip 4279814video clip 4279846video clip 4274308video clip 4280814video clip 4198646video clip 4279821video clip 4280061video clip 4279809video clip 4229949video clip 4280029video clip 4270286video clip 4280196video clip 4279654video clip 4278686