Panasonic GH3 - wow!

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    cinecameratv 4 Jul 2013 13:59
    DROP TEST: My GH3 fell 32 inches body first to hard polish concrete floor by accident. No markings on the body. Boy I was glad it is not a plastic camera. No damage at all.
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    cinecameratv 7 Jul 2013 13:23
    GH3 PRICE DROP OF $200. NOW SELLING FOR $1,049.00.

    I paid $1299 in May, I am going to get mad if a GH4 is about to be announced.
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    GrayJones 10 Jul 2013 22:52
    To ODesigns... love your book!

    I have both the 20mm and the 45mm and love both of them. To me, they are both must-have lenses for the GH3.

    There isn't a better portrait lens than the 45mm IMO, and especially in the stills, you will be hard pressed to find sharper detail.

    The 20mm is almost always on my camera... not only is it compact, a "stealth" lens, and fast, but it's wide enough to make hand-holding much easier, yet not so much distortion that you can't do great shots of people.

    I have a pile of lenses and have done a ton of research... if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer.

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    GrayJones 10 Jul 2013 23:05
    I'll list my lenses, with comments:

    Lumix 7-14mm (LOVE it -- crazy sharp)
    Lumix 14mm f2.5 pancake (ho hum, but I do use it sometimes)
    Lumix 14-140mm (LOVE it -- way better than it should be for this wide zoom range. Very practical all-in-one lens)
    Lumix 20mm f1.7 (LOVE it -- see previous post -- almost always on my GH3)
    Sigma 30mm f2.8 (just bought, pretty impressed so far, way better than it should be for $150)
    Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35mm f2.5 (very tricky lens to use, but can get great results if you practice)
    Olympus 45mm f1.8 (LOVE it -- best portrait lens for M43)
    Lumix 45-175 (decent quality, nice to have camcorder-style power zoom)
    Olympus 50mm f2.0 macro (Great macro lens, though focusing is a little slow)
    Lumix 100-300 (LOVE it -- great for wildlife, way sharper than it should be for the price)

    And the great thing is that all of these are remarkably affordable (with the exception of 7-14mm and 14-140mm, though I feel they are worth it).

    If I had to choose 5 lenses, I would have:


    Hope this helps,
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    ODesigns 11 Jul 2013 00:07
    Thanks! Glad you liked it! It's about 18 months old now, and I probably should do an update. Things have changed since I wrote it in January of 2012.

    But the gist of it is still valid.
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    cinecameratv 16 Jul 2013 13:28
    The only real thing I do not like in my GH3 is that Made in China label. :-/
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    cinecameratv 22 Jul 2013 14:20
    After two month, I lost my camera eyepiece. I mention before that the locking design was not strong enough. Now I am trying to look for a replacement and cannot find any.

    Update: BHphoto reportes no compatible eyepiece for GH3's ;-/. Must get it directly from Panasonic.
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    cinecameratv 23 Jul 2013 20:00
    I have visited several forums and it seems that loosing the eyepiece (eyecup) is very common on the GH3. The part number seams to be VYK6B43.
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    cinecameratv 10 Aug 2013 13:02
    This camera has a fairly good slow mo picture quality (100% ---> 40% speed drop) although it records in that particular mode at 24p / 24mbs / mp4. The benefit is that it can record continuously until the card fills up. Then you can search for the best spots. The quality looks better than filming at 60p and taking it down to 24p. The down side is that you need to go into the menu to start the slow-mo mode. I wish I could program one of the custom buttons for this. In this clip the grass seems very well define. ....I love my Shi Tzu
    Get the Flash Player to see this clip...
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    Built in slow-mo really helps when tracking hand held airplanes.
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    This camera has been reduced from $1,299 to $1,098. Damn!!! I guess the price drop is a marketing strategy against the new 70D and the BM Pocket camera.

    Read some good opinions of this lens: SLR Magic 25mm T0.95 Hyperprime Cine Lens, Micro Four $799
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