New Sony PMW-200

    LUXORPYRAMID 26 Sep 2012 12:45
    I think Canon's XF300 is in real trouble with this new Sony. Sony is very aggressive with all those new cameras they have introduced this year.

    @dapoopta - Using AVCHD (FS100), if you film complicated patterns like the grass in your front yard, do you see a difference? Is all the detail there? When you pan, do colors mix together and look like mud?

    @jason - Only once have I assisted a company (Red Star Films) making documentaries for BBC. They very rarely come down here. Discovery, History, Univision, Telemundo, Infinito, NBC and CBS are the ones that do most of the documentaries down here. To answer your question: no I do not plan to make a documentary for BBC but before I turn 65 instead of assisting and be interviewed by film crews, I will do my own complete documentary.
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    dapoopta 26 Sep 2012 20:43
    I don't have the external anymore :-(, but i hear with lots of motion is where the external codec holds up.

    I always have wanted to do a documentary style youtube series.. kinda like Louis Theroux. He is my favorite interviewer ever.
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    Mizamook 2 Oct 2012 19:42
    dapoopta, luxorpyramid,

    Codec/bitrate considerations, and recent findings with the FS700 AVCHD: FYI: Complex/repeating finely detailed vegetation, especially panning, turns to mush at 24fps (AVCHD 24Mb/s) especially noted when overcranking (shutter 60/s over 24 fps), tracking raven in flight past grassland/spruce forest.

    60fps normal cranking (28Mb/s) does not exhibit this as much, at least I haven't noticed it yet as objectionable, but I have not shot in all rates in all situations so cannot do an objective comparison yet.

    Have not shot using the PIX220 with the FS700 yet. I will see what difference it yields. I'm not expecting the image to "look" different, but to hold up better to motion, gradients, etc.

    It's a matter of time...I don't have any right now.

    If it weren't for the abject orgasmic joy I feel when there is a Canon 100-400mm L lens sticking out the front of my FS700, I might be seriously considering sending this back and opting for the PMW-200, yes, seriously. But with nice glass, this is a very capable machine, although funky and slow in the field.

    This is why, if speed of handling matters to you, and the INTERNAL 50 Mb/s 4:2:2 codec is something you can value and use, then by all means choose the PMW-200.

    As I've said to some - I'd like one of each, please!