Atomos Ninja 2 on Nikon

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    Mizamook 4 Oct 2012 03:01
    Hear hear! (although I've spent more than my earnings already...)

    Plus, a handful of these HDMI lock to put another hole in the bucket that my earnings leak from....
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    cinecameratv 4 Oct 2012 13:09
    That Hyperdeck solution is very interesting since you can get a low cost full hd monitor and still be under the Atomos Ninja 2 retail price. I am under the impression that you have to use Velcro straps to secure it to any camera rigs.
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    kk5hy 4 Oct 2012 13:22
    No, as with anything in this business, there is always an over priced accessory.
    Blackmagic sells a mounting plate for $94 that has a threaded socket to mount to the hyperdeck.
    Hyperdeck mounting plate

    You would think they could have put one 1/4 inch threaded hole on the actual body but then they couldn't sell this piece of metal.....
    Anyway, even with this accessory it's still cheaper than any other recorder.

    Or $2.00 worth of velcro would do the same.
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