What not to buy regarding GPU accelerators...

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    vadervideo 5 Dec 2012 20:29
    Just a tidbit of my latest fun with 'puters and GPU's... simply put - some information for you should you decide to purchase and/or upgrade new editing gear, computer-wise....

    See my blog entry on what NOT to buy.
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    dapoopta 5 Dec 2012 21:00
    I just purchased at GTX680, works AWESOME with CS6, since it can use the MPE.
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    vadervideo 5 Dec 2012 21:06
    I went with the 670 - stay tuned. :)
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    dapoopta 5 Dec 2012 22:20
    You will love it :-)
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    RekindlePhoto 5 Dec 2012 23:15
    What manufacture did ya get? Looks like the GTX680/670 series is many different card makers.
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    vadervideo 6 Dec 2012 01:06
    Galaxy version - basically they are all OEM versions of nVidia - but some differences lie in the output ports and actual memory. The card that was horribly nasty due to crappy drivers from AMD and probably an unstable card was a Sapphire Radeon HD 7970. But as Adobe has pretty much given up on Radeon (AMD/ATI) and one could guess why, it is advisable to use nVidia due to the compatibility in AE and PP. (Not to mention the speed in PS and AI as well.) :)
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    dapoopta 6 Dec 2012 03:44
    I go zotac I believe it was. It had decent reviews... and like vader said, they are all same cards branded by different resellers.
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    RekindlePhoto 6 Dec 2012 04:02
    My current Dell has the ATI 5700. It seems to do everything both photo and footage at near real time. Not sure if I would get that much of a boost for $400.
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    vadervideo 8 Dec 2012 03:35
    nVidia is special for AE and PP (Adobe) - Standard GPU is not really good or supported anymore by AE and PP
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    wideweb 8 Dec 2012 06:59
    I wish the specs of a GPU included the amount of audible noise the card makes.