Database upgrade

  • marcus avataradmin
    marcus 10 Oct 2010 13:08
    Database upgraded. The new version has eben running in test for a few week so problems aren't really expected.

    One of the RAIDs have SSD drives (with supercap naturally) so some things should flow quicker. Most notably searches and things like CSV batch updates.

    I hope you all noticed that the date is 101010 and binary(101010) = decimal(42) which was a good omen for this upgrade.
  • zygistudio avatar
    zygistudio 10 Oct 2010 15:04

    Very good news, and P5 rocks again.

    I also noticed the nice '20101010' and was testing SSD drives (OCZ Vertex 2 Pro) for video editing. After few configuration tricks for some types of clips the overall processing speed increased nearly 3 times.

  • marcus avataradmin
    marcus 10 Oct 2010 15:44
    That's the ones we're using too (in RAID1). Right now mostly for indexes (since they are recreateable). Reading up on SSD in the Postgres forums, this seemed to be the first drive that got their blessing. Other SSD:s apparently lie when they get a ATAPI flush command so you can't trust your checkpoints with spectacular corruptions as a result. This one has a big capacitor on it that can hold enough energy for it to write everything in its cache. Thus writeback cache is not a scary no-no, instead it's a yes-yes it saves some write cycles!

    Anand has a nice review of them, should anyone be curious.
  • dnavarrojr avatar
    dnavarrojr 14 Oct 2010 08:13
    So are database searches cached now? After new clips were approved I used to be able to go to my portfolio, sort by date uploaded and see the newly approved clips, but not any more. Now it takes a half-day or so before they actually show up in searches (unless I do a new keyword search or search by clip number).