Servers rebooted, please read if you run a Linux server

  • marcus avataradmin
    marcus 30 Jun 2012 08:41
    There seems to be a bug in some versions of Linux kernel 2.6.32. I recommend anyone running Linux servers to read through that blog post.

    This may have caused the strange www-server reboot a couple of weeks ago. On the servers in the solr cluster and on the main database server, the first oddity was that "top" refused to order by CPU usage. There were also some SOLR crashes on the two oldest machines in the cluster but not on the new one.

    The main db server has acted badly to stress the last week. The backups made it pour out warnings about slow sql. Usually there may be a warning or two weekly, not page up & down with warnings.

    Unsure if all necessarily are related, but given the confirmed Linux bug, do consider patching and rebooting whenever convenient, should you have an affected machine.