Driving Videos: How To Make Them Better

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    vadervideo 7 Feb 2013 04:01
    A suction cup, a camera and a pickup truck with lots of driving. Here's a couple of my bins:

    Real time clips Travel the US in Real Time:

    video clip 12020920video clip 12015403video clip 12231664video clip 139361video clip 828921video clip 362621video clip 829019video clip 11981610video clip 114185video clip 303155video clip 12229435video clip 644018video clip 12231354video clip 8541084video clip 12021019video clip 12229650video clip 3980151video clip 111227video clip 157915video clip 8540976video clip 3980128video clip 12015362video clip 12015418video clip 12020732video clip 22565747

    Time Lapse Clips Travel the US in Time Lapse:

    video clip 10900457video clip 11982960video clip 510306video clip 12122451video clip 12229384video clip 643985video clip 370726video clip 12015092video clip 139356video clip 12121909video clip 12015086video clip 114206video clip 12015037video clip 12121919video clip 11982645video clip 147422video clip 11982871video clip 39947433video clip 12231654video clip 12231800video clip 157121video clip 12122639video clip 12122554video clip 10900468video clip 3980170

    And lot of trial settings - I have used, Canon EOS, Sony HVR-A1U and of course Gopro - The Eos and GoPro in both modes (video and time lapse still sequences)
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    jason 7 Feb 2013 06:10
    This was take with a GoPro and no stabilization needed if mounted correctly.
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