Auto-grouping happens - please, disable.

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    Trans_OM 19 May 2012 00:08
    Hi there, I found that some of my new music tracks was grouped (alternate versions 30, 15s, under..) "by default".

    Please, P5, do not do this - I really like your site and appreciate such proactivity, but I do not want for my tracks to be grouped for some reasons:

    1) Tracks do not appear in search as a separate clips - so, cannot locate 30sec, or 60sec, for example, by typing tag 30sec or etc.. (of course, I include proper tags for alt versions like "30sec", "underscore"..)

    If to think about grouping - take a look to other sites - some of them shows a bunch of tracks when you open a "track page" but in search results they are completely separate.

    2) No way to edit my own groupings by my hands - only using support's assistance. Time consuming, must spend extra time/efforts to verify results (yea, some times it worked wrong).

    3) On a track page there is only info (description, tags..) about "main track" in a bunch. No way to examine alts' infos.

    I think that grouping is a good idea, but only with upper improvements.

    Thanks, P5, for your service!
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    mpmusicformedia 3 Feb 2013 11:17
    Yeah, this is an old thread, but totally agree.

    Thanks for your service though Pond5.
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    LivingroomClassics 3 Feb 2013 13:00
    why are u thanking for their service if obviously u think their service sucked in this matter discussed??
    cmon, what with the hipocrisy?
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    Trans_OM 7 Feb 2013 02:12
    I like P5 and (which is more important) like how it sells, so I say "thanks" just because :)
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    digiphd 19 Feb 2013 00:07
    I am just affirming this thread. This has been happening to me allot latley, and they have been associating the wrong tracks. I have tried contacting the curator to undo their changes but no response. I think it is a great idea, but the contributor should be able choose which tracks are associated not the curator, additionally all my sub-loops are mixed, tagged and altogther different to the main track, they are intended for a different audiance than the main track. And if it is true that the subloops meta-data are not indexed by the search engine this will sevearly decrease my loop sales. I prefer to use midia bins and links to perform my own association and just link the loops to the whole collection for the customer. I hope this changes soon because I am currently putting together a whole heap more work, but if it isn't going to get exposure there is no point.
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    MarioLucianAndreano 10 May 2013 12:44
    I'm new and I'm having the same problem!...and no response from the curator.... :(
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    MarioLucianAndreano 10 May 2013 12:45
    The only thing is that I have no problem with grouping as long as it's done properly...which unfortunately doesn't happen...
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    MuscoSound 10 May 2013 14:17
    Just put a note at the bottom of the upload form for the curator when you submit the music. Personally I like having the music grouped together, and the curator that reviews my music does an amazing job doing that.
  • ryanp5 avataradmin
    ryanp5 10 May 2013 20:01
    Hey MarioLucianAndreano, MuscoSound hit the nail on the head. Please include a note to the curator at the bottom of the upload page and our curator will make sure to associate/disassociate your clips as you see fit.

    However, if you still don't get your clips in the way you prefer, please email us at or with your clip ID #'s and instructions on how you'd like your clips to be grouped or not to be grouped at all!


    Pond5 Crew