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    LivingroomClassics 27 Jul 2012 21:19

    anybody know what this means:
    personally i uploaded a clip and it says on that link that i have 11 views(??), although on the clip's page it says 0 views...
    what should i make of this?
    also, there's a field there called "sr views" and i got 114 of them. whatever does that mean??
    i kept changing my tags so that i have at least a view, but if the clip's page does not provide the correct information (and if i really have 11 views as that link suggest) then i been messing it up for nothing. possibly made it worse by changing the tags. i really wish there wasnt any confusion, cause its influencing my 'tag behaviour'...
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    unLatem 20 Nov 2012 22:39
    the statistics lies

    it says that one of my clips has 0 sales instead of 6

    I want pond5 to fix this