Some mistakes in interface?

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    kurkurkur 20 Sep 2012 15:39
    Hi folks! I am really shocked that I see a lot of people who joined in August and have a lot of songs previews and sales. I am on pond5 from June 2012 and I have 0 (zero) views on all my files :((( It is so upsetting. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I have usually 10-15 sales in month on other stocks. Please, can you look at my portfolio and advise me something? Should I write to support?
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    ckotty 23 Sep 2012 07:48
    Don't worry and keep up the good work. By the way some of my tracks were sold without any views :)
  • VintageFingers avatar
    VintageFingers 31 Oct 2012 09:23
    I`m also having the same issue. Not complainging about bad sales, because I know this can take some time. But 0 views on all my tracks for a couple of months is rather disapointing. Not many tracks, but they have all sold ok on other sites...
    Just can`t figure this site out :(
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    Soundprodukt 31 Oct 2012 16:46
    Do you make 10-15 sales with the same portfolio of 33 files or do you have a bigger portfolio there?

    You've actually made 2 sales as far as I see. That does not sound that bad for this rather small amount of clips. The view counter only indicates views above 3.

    best wishes