disappointing sales calculus

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    LivingroomClassics 1 Oct 2012 20:14

    i did a sorting after the number of sales, on all the audioclips online.

    you can repeat what i did, and i found out that of all 70000 clips, only 3% had more than 10 sales (that means, 2000 out of 70000).

    and out of those 3%, many belong to some same sellers, that are probably dedicated audio companies that have employers and an entire staff, being in the business of making only audio clips (i suppose, i may be wrong, but thats my guess).

    furthermore, if i assume each user has about 70 clips posted (more or less), it would account for 1000 artists online.

    if all the odds were equal, and the 3% were equally distributed, each artist would have only 2 clips that sold over 10 times, at this exact moment im writing.

    the most sales is the clip named "clouds" which has 650 sales or somth like that.

    if among those 2000 clips the number of sales is somewhat progressive, each of the 2000 clips would have lets say 50 sales.

    assuming a general price of $20, each artist would have earned around 2 x 50 x $20 = $2000 in probably 2 years since he's been posting here.

    pond5 takes half, which leaves him with $1000.

    divide that by 24 months, and it comes to about $40 per month.

    say you also post the clips on other sites, and triple this income.

    i conclude that you kinda make only $150 per month (id you;re not a company dealing excluseviley with this, like audioquattro or prolificarts users are - if im wrong, they might correct me.....i mean if they're just simple guys like the rest of us).

    so, with $150, i hope you're not paying taxes on them...

    pretty disappointing.
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    LivingroomClassics 1 Oct 2012 20:24
    good news, though.

    my calculus was based asuming (obviously) that the 'number of sales' sorting order was displaying correct.

    upon further analisys i noticed that, going down the pages, the sorting displayed is not accurate.

    pond5, you should correct this.

    i sorted after number of sales descending, and on page 31 instead of descending order on sales, i stumbled on clips that had sales like this : 7, 3, 4, 9, 1. these are not descending sorted, as they supposed to be by chosing that sort order.

    pond5......this is not good...
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    digiphd 12 Feb 2013 09:48
    Your're right it unfortunately turned into a numbers game for those of us who just work away in our home studios. Quantity over quality is a sad thing, but with more and more people contributing the database is going to grow. Just like how the worlds population has tripled in the last 50 years, no doubt the number of competing tracks will also grow exponentially.

    So there is no point in over analysing it, as we know it isn't a get rich quick scheme. Better off spending that time making new music, and aim to produce x-tracks per month to build up your portfolio.
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    MuscoSound 12 Feb 2013 17:11
    Good advice digiphd
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    ThisBruceSmith 12 Feb 2013 19:52
    I agree with digiphd and MuscoSound, long-term I think the best strategy is to build your portfolio and work on developing as many income streams as possible.
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    Trans_OM 13 Feb 2013 09:45
    Sorting ways may provide good and bad effect depending on which priority your tracks have.

    I believe that producing QUALITY stuff brings more advantages then playing "number's game".

    Writing what you really want is forming your brand's identity in a long period.

    So, everyday the one answers the "who am i" question by writing/producing etc.. and it is really important because your possible customers is aware of such answering when they search/browse/listen your stuff.

    I choiced to go "less-but-better" way - at now have no dissapoints yet.

    Keeping in mind tideously increasing market the only "safe spot" is to find your own niche (narrow -better).

    Just my 5kopecks.