One way to create a seamless loop in Logic Pro

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    alski89 23 Nov 2012 02:41
    Hi all, I'm new to Pond5 and arrange and compose using Logic Pro. I recently decided to create a seamless loop for one of my uploads here, and despite using Logic for years, I wasn't sure how to do it properly at first.

    I'm posting my solution here for the benefit of anyone, old or new, who might not be aware of this trick:

    1) Select Bounce
    2) In the Bounce window, select the 'Realtime' mode
    3) Select 'Bounce 2nd Cycle Pass', which became available to click on after the previous step.
    4) Click the Bounce button and enjoy your seamless loop

    Any effects acting on the loop the first time around will properly be carried into the second pass, just as it sounds when looped in Logic itself; the loop will not necessarily begin and end at the zero crossing as might be desired in other situations, but it will be seamless.