Submitting commercial lengths of full length tracks

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    soundsvisual 6 Feb 2013 16:01

    Just wondering what the view is on uploading variations of tracks.

    For example you have a 2 min full length track and say a 30s cut and 5 second sting.
    So you can either create a 1 file copy with all tracks included, OR upload each individual track to P5 and ask for them to be linked.

    I'm tending to think that creating a 1 file inclusive track is perhaps more enticing for the customer.

    Any opinions / experience on this?


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    liftedCREATION 6 Feb 2013 17:53
    Dear soundvisual,

    I have had better luck with "not associating" in the past but I am not to sure with pond5 v2. I saw that they are selling all versions as one price now? Not to sure on this, something to look into though, I'll let you know if I find out anything.

    New contributors to pond5, be sure to tell the pond5 curator which file you want as the MAIN file, if you name them all the same...main file (full), main (30), main (sting).

    Be sure to say "please"...and "thank you".

    You would get more exposure if you don't associate them together, and you could even cast your net wider with different names for each track, with different descriptions and keywords.

    Instead of going with the ole' example above, however that does make it a bit more difficult when you start having 4+ versions to keep them all sorted. "Which one is the STING again?"

    Maybe good to name them all different and keep what they are. Killer Bee (Sting). If you come up with something awesome, do share.


    Nathan Luis Steinke
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