Versions in Audio

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    FxProSound 20 Aug 2011 15:45
    Some time ago I've started to use this interesting feature in my music files. It's all about use versions with audio files.

    To link files :
    1. Write to: contact(at) with subject : Versions YourLogin
    and write file numbers of your files to link like this: number:number:number
    Start with main version file number.
    2. You will receive info from very helpful staff about confirmation and after rollover you will see in your file more prices and after close up info about different versions.

    Before you link files you must remember:

    1. Your linked file contains description of main file only - so it's good to describe other versions in main file description. In standard info you have only time and file format. Write also about looping feature, differences in instrumentation etc.
    2. Your subversions files will vanish from search and portfolio after next search update, but you will still have access to it from My Uploads.
    3. Version order depends on length - longest is the first
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    Trans_OM 22 Aug 2011 12:51
    I used this feature but refused it because:

    1) Alts (alternative edits) does not appear in search results separetely (if you seek 30sec edits - only the main file will appear when typing "30sec")

    2) Alts has no names (only main file has - for example "main file - full", "main file - 30sec no drums", "main file - underscore")

    It is bad because seeng the alts' names customer can easily understand what is it and make decision faster - customer's time is essential.

    And more, if you will use description field to describe the alts - you will waste the valuable space thus decreasing your media's chances to be bought!

    3) Too annoying editing way to edit these "bundles" - via emailing to P5 admins - I would prefer to edit them by myself than to wait and to verify the results.

    Think, my experience will help:)
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    AllFractUp 22 Aug 2011 14:46
    I have five different versions of my fractal sounds all can be searched by the default name of the main file.


    Fractal Sounds
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    Scoreweaver 3 Mar 2012 16:55
    Thank you for the info guys, I've been wondering about this.
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    FxProSound 4 Mar 2012 07:15
    It's an old post I dissolved all my grouped tracks and they sell better now :)