Quality Control

  • Marbury avatar
    Marbury 7 Mar 2012 08:14
    I am noticing more and more SFX sounds being added in their thousands, many thousands by just one contributor. Upon looking at some of the portfolios it is apparent that the quality is poor, with many slight variations on the same sound and even sound only coming out of one speaker with some files.

    I am noticing more diminishing sales (this month is the worst in nearly 18 months). Why isn't this site regulated and filtered for quality ? All that will happen is Pond5 will become clogged with bad quality sounds that nobody wants and they will move on. I love Pond5, it is my best earner but soon it is going to be overtaken by other sites.
  • FxProSound avatar
    FxProSound 7 Mar 2012 10:32
    Sounds playing in one speaker are not poor quality - they are just mono files :) Foley editors often want mono files. But generally you're right - 200 variations of the same may be worse than fractals, which are easier to filter out :)