New Blackmagic 2.5K Camera for $2995

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    TheEngineer 16 Apr 2012 17:42
    If this is anything like as good as it sounds this is a real game changer!

    Looks like their web-site is struggling to keep up!

    From the press release:

    "Blackmagic Design today announced Blackmagic Cinema Camera, a revolutionary digital cinema camera design that includes powerful features such as super wide 13 stops of dynamic range, high resolution 2.5K sensor, built in high bandwidth SSD recorder, open file format support, color correction with full version of DaVinci Resolve and a built in LCD with metadata entry, all in an attractive compact design for only US$2,995. "
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    AcmeStudios 16 Apr 2012 19:37
    Ha! - You beat me to the post ;) - This is some killer news! I use other BlackMagic products, and they are awesome. This is a monster!
    LUXORPYRAMID 16 Apr 2012 20:22
    LCD screen resolution seems to be poor. 800x480.
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    PostquisDesign 16 Apr 2012 23:50
    @TheEngineer @AcmeStudios,

    Pair that puppy up with SmallHD's new OLED monitor along with some fast primes ... should make many very very happy ! .... wow is right.
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    creativevideos 17 Apr 2012 04:34
    Amazing for the price, and totally out of nowhere. I can't see the Digital Bolex competing with this. The sample videos look a little off (some dead pixels), but I assume that is a preproduction issue. I could be picky and say they should have assignable buttons, but I think the world has embraced touchscreens for the most part.
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    creativevideos 17 Apr 2012 04:39
    Actually, it has a LANC connection so that should satisfy those unsatisfied with the touchscreen. I answer my own questions a lot. And how many cameras can record straight to ProRes? The workflow should be really smooth.
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    PostquisDesign 18 Apr 2012 03:22
    What's crazy about this deal from BMD... they say you get a full version of Resolve with it.... wow... that amortizes the cost down even more!
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    kk5hy 18 Apr 2012 04:30
    I saw this camera at NAB and got to play with it.
    Pretty impressive video output. Full raw at 4.2.2 color space.
    Does come with the $1000 software package.
    I was told the file size is a out 3 Meg's per frame.
    More later as I'm trying to type this in via my iPhone.
    Here are some photos.
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    kk5hy 19 Apr 2012 11:46
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    kk5hy 19 Apr 2012 15:12
    A photo I took of the camera you could test with. It had a Canon 70-200 L mounted on it
    Blackmagic camera

    The camera is going to be released for sale in July.
    You can get about 25 minutes on a 380 gig SSC drive.
    The drives run about $150 each but can be bought anywhere.

    The main thing about this camera and the reason it's pretty cheap for what it does, is that it's a very basic no frills camera.
    It's a box with a sensor and lens mount.
    If you're looking for 60P or some cool gadget, you'll have to get the Canon C300 for $15K
    If you want an uncompressed video that looks great with more detail in the shadows than you can ever imagine, than this is the camera to get.

    I also tested the Canon MKIII
    At ISO 2000 shooting in a dimly lit room, the video was pretty clean.

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