K12 commercial

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    kk5hy 26 Jul 2012 13:00
    Very exciting day yesterday. We had two seperate inquires about some of our vet and pet related videos. that were bought here at Pond5.

    One commercial aired on ABC for k12.com this morning during Good Morning America show.
    They gave me a copy of the commercial which looks great!, but I have to get the OK from them before I can post it here.
    This is the clip they used.

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    The funny part was why they contacted me. Since this was being aired on ABC and Disney owns ABC they needed a signed statement from me that the dog was not mistreated during the shoot.
    I think the dog was better treated than any of the people on set. :)

    I'm waiting on word on the use of the second video but it was also a video of the same girl and her dog.
    This is the clip they will use for the second commercial.

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