Mediterranean Photo and footage

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    RekindlePhoto 14 Mar 2011 14:30
    This summer I will be traveling throughout many areas of the Mediterranean. If any buyers / producers need specific subjects in either photo or video let me know. I will be traveling to Malaga Spain, Barcelona Spain, Savona Italy, Rome Italy, Naples Italy, Messina Sicily, Venice Italy, Mallorca Spain.

    I will have high quality professional equipment for your captures. Let me know and watch later in summer for some great vacation and historic destination captures.

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    RekindlePhoto 4 Jun 2011 13:12
    Just got back from nearly a month in Spain, France and Italy. I have photo and video of Malaga, Rhonda, Seville, Gibraltar, Lorca (earthquake area), Barcelona, Marseilles, Savona, Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Venice, Messina, Palma de Mallorca and a few other places. Let me know if you have any needs from these areas.

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    movielighter 4 Jun 2011 14:37
    Amazing trip, hope to see some footage.
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    RekindlePhoto 5 Jun 2011 00:18
    Over 350 Gb, over 4,900 video and photo files to process. I think I'll be busy for a while ;)
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    ionescu 6 Jun 2011 10:36
    Enjoy your work!