Video distribution?

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    RekindlePhoto 25 Feb 2010 00:08
    Anyone else using this process DISTRIBUTION to upload videos? I signed up but it errors every time and does not complete the upload. There is no phone number and the e-mail support form also fails and won't send to them. What do ya'll think of it, I'm not happy ... yet.
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    dnavarrojr 25 Feb 2010 03:21
    I have been using iSyndica for several months now and I personally really like it.

    Are you having problems uploading to their servers? Are you using FTP or their web form? Are you using Secure FTP?

    I personally do not use Secure FTP and I have the time-out in my FTP program set to 20 seconds. Never had a problem uploading to iSyndica.
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    RekindlePhoto 25 Feb 2010 11:34
    Since I am using the "trial" now it only allows the web based uploader. I start a small footage for a test and it gets to maybe 20% then stops with error to check my internet. Internet is just fine. Of course they have no phone number and when I try to send a support message to them it also fails to go through. Kinda acts like a firewall problem but when it accepts ten minutes or more during upload I don't think that's the issue.
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    dnavarrojr 25 Feb 2010 16:03
    I've got the email address of the CEO, I'll send him an email letting him know there are issues with the web uploader.
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    kagemusha 27 Feb 2010 18:46
    I also send isyndica 2 message, first one 2 weeks ago and second one on last week and no reply yet. one message to support@... and the other is directly to their ceo, hugo...

    I was also planning to join isyndica, but because of the lack of support, I choice another company. I just started with them, if everything goes fine, I will let you know..
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    dapoopta 27 Feb 2010 19:17
    who is the other company?
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    kagemusha 1 Mar 2010 03:57
    I don't want to name right now, we are in trial period for now and their main business is not microstocks. in one or two months, we will settle our workflows. right now it is in progress..

    our deal is everything included: keywording, uploading & submissions to many sites.

    I hope we can manage it. if we can manage, I promised them I will promote them. only then I would like to name the company. (But I should say that it is not cheap service like isyndica, since they are doing everything.)

    and No, the company is not lookstad either :) as I know, they still don't distribute footages.. I asked them 2 months ago and they say they don't do footages..

    I will keep you inform probably next month..
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    dnavarrojr 1 Mar 2010 09:09
    My personal experience with iSyndica has been a very good one. Hugo has always gotten back to me within a day or two and problems have been resolved fairly quickly.
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    hlth 1 Mar 2010 09:33
    Woah - alarmed to see such problems being experienced.

    Phantomewo: Let me know how things are going now. It seems that since the last time we talked you are settling in. It looks like the FTP was the answer to the problem. In general, for footage contributors, we encourage FTP which provides a better connection. We have a few users who just can't upload through our web-based uploader. Maybe an area for improvement.

    Kagemusha: I am very surprised to read that you had emailed us several times. Would you mind emailing me again? We had a couple support emails end up in our spam filter this past week for no good reason, so that might have been it.

    dnavarrojr: 1-2 days is really the maximum we allow. Thanks for the kind words
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    RekindlePhoto 1 Mar 2010 11:20
    Hugo did get back very fast, I just missed their e-mail response. I have been using their ftp process as a trial this weekend. It appears to be working fine at this point. As with most sites, the web based is just not a good choice for larger video files.
    The only other hitch was after logging into their ftp server iSYNDICA you had to then chose the video folder. I've uploaded about 50 clips to them. Four files ended up being corrupted for some reason. I will look at them and see what happened if I can. I expect they were clips that may have started then the ftp dropped off. I did have a power outage so I suspect it may have been on my end. I know the files were all good since they are already here at P5.
    Today I'll spend some more time evaluating the real advantage and costs of using them. They permanently store your footage so they can be send to other sites at a later day. Having an off-site backup is great but I think for me a temporary storage where I can delete footage to freeup memory storage would be better in most cases. With photos the limits on storage is big enough but with video the storage is used up much faster then additional expenses is needed to expand the limits. It looks like that each video transfered to each different agency will cost .10 cents per transfer. So if you want a video to be sent to ten different agencies it will cost you a dollar in addition to the signup costs. When signing up you are given a fairly healthy number of credits to help cover these costs. I'll tell more later.

    All-in-all, they did answer fast and were very helpful in getting me started. I think they have a concept that indeed can be very helpful and should be looked at and tried. Go have a look around at Give It A Try