Question about license

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    nerdstalk 6 Jul 2011 07:21
    Ok, I've sent a message from the contact form, but it seems nothing is replying, so I will try here while I wait for an official response.

    Can I buy After Effects templates from pond5 (with sound/music) and sell rendered final videos (NOT projects) to my different customers repeated times without need to pay again each time?

    I will buy some templates, publish some samples on my website, edit them and send final videos to my customers with their logos/texts.

    Is that ok with pond5 license?
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    addict 6 Jul 2011 12:06

    The answer is yes :)
    You can sell the rendered video, but not the project files.
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    nerdstalk 6 Jul 2011 17:40
    Great, thanks.

    I guess I understood the license, but I though it was only for images.

    Anyway I will wait for an official answer to proceed, since I'm thinking in buy more than 20 templates... and I don't want surprises.

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    Inpost 10 Aug 2011 02:21
    Hi nerdstalk,

    post the answer when you get it so that we all know,
    as Im sure its something alot of people are wondering.