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Hi there! Thanks for taking your time to visit my artist page on Pond5, a great place to start to quickly lead you through all the stock footage I have to offer.

Every single piece of footage I offer is available in both 25fps and 29,97fps versions, so that the footage has smooth playback in both the PAL/SECAM and NTSC regions in the world. Furthermore all footage is available in a SD version and HD versions starting at 1280x720 and going up depending on the original resolution size the footage was captured in. There is no need for you to scale down, speed up or slow down and re-render the footage to fit in your projects, retaining the video's high quality and saving you time!

To assist you in quickly finding what you need I have made collections, which have similar subjects. Please find them listed below, seperated in 25fps and 29,97fps:

A Silhouette of a Windmill and a Flock of Birds Flying Over - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSilhouetted Blackbirds - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoPigeon Fights over Drink at Fonte Gaia in Siena Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoMosquitos in the Window - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Animals@25fps / Animals@29,97fps

A Silhouette of a Windmill and a Flock of Birds Flying Over - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoAbandoned Villa in Tuscany Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoScaliger Castle Sirmione - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoVernazza Cinque Terre Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Architecture@25fps / Architecture@29,97fps

Lion of Venice under Cloudy Sunset - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCollumns of Two Ancient Greek Temples Blue Sky Background - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTurbine Windmill Blades turning on the Horizon - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoMeet the Cyclist - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Backgrounds@25fps / Backgrounds@29,97fps

Punta Scutari in Bay of Naples Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoRome Trevi Fountain Wide Shot Italy HDR - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoShallow Rocky Sea Coast Cinque Terre - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoOrange Rooftops of Lucca Italy Shallow DoF - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Italy@25fps / Italy@29,97fps

Back Engine Ventilation Classic Fork Truck 1968 Blue Metal Rust - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoOld Worn Roof Tiles – 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSpider Webs Covering Attic Ceiling - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoBroom Wooden Beam Cobwebs Slider shot - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Detriment@25fps / Detriment@29,97fps

Close up Intense Burning Flames Flaming Against Black Background - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSilhouette in Fire - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoGlowing Ember in Burning Fire - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoFire Sparklets - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
fire@25fps / Fire@29,97fps

Boulder Becky Waterfall Dartmoor Devon England - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSudden Increase of Rainfall on Pavement - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSmall Downhill River Stream - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTurbine Windmill Shadow Turning in the Sea Cloudy - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Water@25fps / Water@29,97fps

Two Turbines Turning - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWind Turbine Front Center Screen - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWind Turbine Turning in Powerful Wind Left Screen - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTurbine Windmill Out of Focus behind a Metal Staircase - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Wind Turbines@25fps / Wind Turbines@29,97fps

Looking into the Leafs of an Amaryllis - 29,97FPS NTSC 4K UHD VideoSneaky Amaryllis - 29,97FPS NTSC 4K UHD VideoBougainvillea Flowers Sirmione - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoIvy Covered wall Dolceacqua - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Flowers@25fps / Flowers@29,97fps

Forest Waterfall Njupeskar Long Shot - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoDark Mystic Willow Tree Sleeping Joker - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoHopeful Sunlight through Leaves - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoMystic Forest Tree – 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Forestry@25fps / Forestry@29,97fps

Small Boat on Big Lake - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTop of the Njupeskar Waterfall - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSun Reflection Polluted Pond Hanging Willow Tree Branches - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoForest Waterfall Njupeskar Long Shot - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Lakes & Rivers@25fps / Lakes & Rivers@29,97fps

Boats at the Amalfi Coast in Positano Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCalm and Wavy Sea Divided by Rocks - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoBoat Leaving Amalfi Harbor in Slow Motion - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCoastline San Remo Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Seacoast@25fps / Seacoast@29,97fps

Crowded Touristic Shopping Street in Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCycling into a Long Round Tunnel - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoVia Krupp on the Island Capri in Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoPhysiotherapist Massages Patient Back Shoulder - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
People@25fps / People@29,97fps

Holy Sunrays - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoRain Pockets HDR Time Lapse - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCrashing Tidal Surge Wave Ocean Sea Rock - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSilhouette of a Windmill at Sunset and a Swarm of Mosquitos - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Autumn@25fps / Autumn@29,97fps

Group Yellow Trumpet Narcissus Daffodils Spring - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSpring Blossom Tree Sunshine Natural Lens Flare - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTwo Turbines Turning - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSpring Blossom Tree Flowers Sunlight - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Spring@25fps / Spring@29,97fps

Zooming past a Rusty Bitt in Positano Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSilhouette Pyrenean Oak Tree during Summer Sunset in a Park - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSunset Fishing - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoBlue Flowing Motion Water Background - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Summer@25fps / Summer@29,97fps

Autumn Pond Tree Reflection Landscape - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoMagical Snow Flakes - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoFireworks Show - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoBlizzard Snow Flakes - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Winter@25fps / Winter@29,97fps

Silhouetted Fast Rolling Clouds Twilight Sky - 4K NTSC VideoAll Seeing Eye in the Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoDarkness Falls - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoFull Moon in Pitch Black Dark Night Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Sky@25fps / Sky@29,97fps

Boat Leaving the Amalfi Harbour in Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCycling into a Long Round Tunnel - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoIsola dei Pescatori Lago Maggiore Stresa Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoView from Stresa Boulevard on Lago Maggiore in Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Transport@25fps / Transport@29,97fps


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