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FirmennameIntuitivethot -
OrtTucson, Arizona
Mitglied seit:27 Feb 2008
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Subtitled "How to become and Out of this World Stock Media Artist"
Release Date: 04/14/2012
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A book written by a stock media artist for stock media artists.

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I have been "shooting" for well over 10 years and love taking a journalistic (or reality) approach to things. I have produced and shot 100's of hours of stand up comedy shows in CA and now shoot lots of reality type footage. One of my specialties is lightning and weather. I have many still shots of some amazing lightning strikes as well. I figure, since I am out there with cam, why not shoot some stills as well. Stills will be available soon right here on Pond5. Visit some of my special bins created for easy view of topics.

For lightning: Ligtning - Day and Night from video to stop motion HD
For interesting stop motion and/or high resolution still sequences: Stop motion imagery along with powerful lightning as well and hi resolution still sequences.
For Chroma Key or Alpha Channel ready (pre-keyed for you and ready to go): Pre-Keyed with Alpha Channel ready.
Oh, and some really nice model work as well: Laurel, Marbella, Monica, May, Ray and last but not least, Bobbi Jeen.
UPDATE: Also please visit this bin as we are coming up on the one year anniversary of the Gabrielle Giffords tragic event of 2011:
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There will be lots more to come along these lines as well. If you ever have any special requests, just let me know.

I shoot in both HDV, HD 1080p(Canon) and Standard NTSC DV, as well as stills in high res.

Thanks for looking at my stuff and please feel free to submit any special requests.

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