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What is Pond5 All About?

Our goal is to empower media makers with the web's fastest, friendliest and fairest marketplace for stock media and creative content.

A world of stock media at your fingertips
Our rapidly growing library includes the web's largest collection of royalty-free video, a huge selection of music tracks and sound effects, and a fast-growing set of customizable After Effects projects.

Artist Friendly
Pond5 offers artists one of the best deals in the industry: they have the liberty to set the prices for their work, and earn 50% of each sale - significantly higher than the the alternatives. Our contract is non-exclusive, and artists retain full rights to their work.

If you have professional quality stock media, we'd love to represent it! Find out more about selling stock on Pond5.

Low prices
With prices starting at just $2 for audio and $5 for video, pro-quality stock content is within reach for media makers everywhere. Prices on Pond5 tend to be the lowest in the industry, because they are are set by the artists themselves, who earn a much higher percentage than they do elsewhere.

Instant gratification
Preview, purchase and download full resolution content with just a few clicks. No waiting for discs or tapes to arrive, and no complicated licensing process. Buy exactly what you need and get to work!

Simple Royalty-Free license
License once, use worldwide, in all media, in perpetuity.

We're here to help!
Questions, comments or suggestions? Contact us by email, facebook, or twitter!

The Pond5 Crew

  • Tom BennettTom BennettCo-founder & CEO
  • Marcus EngeneMarcus EngeneCo-founder & CTO
  • Dana TowerDana TowerCOO
  • Javier SalinasJavier SalinasContent Manager
  • Kennon HulettKennon HulettSupport and Community Mgmt
  • Byba SepitkovaByba SepitkovaProducer
  • Steve PenafielSteve PenafielMarket Manager, US West

Our Community

  • DSeltzer
  • atmantones
  • ToweringPictures
  • NinoMediaTV
  • ClausGahrn
  • valminlara
  • gpisano
  • pashapixel
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  • NewOrderDesign
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  • WDDWGroup
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  • guil_lang
  • DriveMyPan
  • DSeltzer
  • MellauSFX
  • SLavictoire
  • deloreanprod
  • kruno031
  • Basspartout
  • jakerbreaker
  • magnoodle
  • Legendary1
  • Medvecky
  • BoYzZzZz
  • lexa3d
  • IlliterateRoot
  • chakizzz
  • letizepro
  • ntodd
  • AAndromeda
  • miszczenkow
  • Hildy
  • xonikk
  • Andyax
  • romelo
  • Den_Deluxe
  • wenjiun
  • Pointer
  • WeatherENG
  • joshuaraineyphotography
  • deluXe88
  • pixel876
  • aonghus
  • fluidotv
  • Uladzimir
  • ntodd
  • effectsart
  • farsad
  • KenXo
  • deluXe88
  • olaio_portugal
  • MatthewAnklan
  • DroneCast
  • KenXo
  • Tanchezz
  • intensivelight
  • benedektibor
  • hellbilly
  • jakerbreaker
  • choice
  • NoMorningProduction
  • robin2
  • Martialartistic
  • fierozze
  • beawolf
  • PDP
  • WDDWGroup
  • gbalch
  • dido
  • kylekw
  • Timmeh
  • studio306
  • Nikitagetto
  • NinoMediaTV
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  • anmalkov
  • Ventura
  • Allestra
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