After Effects Upload Guidelines

Got mad AE chops? Upload your After Effects project templates, set your price, and earn 50% each time someone downloads!

We are looking for high-quality AE project files that our customers can easily modify to create their own unique motion graphics. If you are an exceptional AE artist, read on...

Projects should be:
• Created in AE6 or higher. If you are able to export your project in an older version of After Effects, please do so, as these project files will be more widely compatible.
• Broadcast quality, ideally 1920x1080 or higher resolution. Feel free to include Comps with alternate resolutions, such as PAL/NTSC.
• Great looking, easily customizable, and labor saving for the end user.

All creative content included in your upload must be FULLY OWNED by you. That means that any audio, still images, video or other elements contained in your upload must be your creation. You may not include any stock elements that you licensed from Pond5 or elsewhere.

Please prepare all files a single .ZIP file, which should include:
• the project file itself
• a low resolution video preview (.MOV compressed in h.264, minimum 480x270 resolution). This file must be named
• a full resolution still frame (jpg)
• (optional) a text file with a description/instructions for the project
• (optional) any other fully owned elements you wish to include with the project

If your project requires free plugins, please link to where the buyer can obtain the plugins in the item's description.

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