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Rick Ray

Nombre de EmpresaDVArchive.com
Página webwww.dvarchive.com
UbicaciónVentura, CA.
Miembro Desde21 Nov 2008
DVArchive represents a large collection of filmmakers who have a passionate commitment for producing excellent stock footage. Our joy is in traveling the world and bringing back images from all corners of the globe of lifestyle, wildlife, landmarks, people and culture.

DVArchive president and principal shooter, Rick Ray, has produced dozens of programs on subjects as diverse as The Dalai Lama (10 Questions For The Dalai Lama) to Vietnam Cambodia and Burma (Raise The Bamboo Curtain, with Martin Sheen).

Ray has traveled to over 50 countries, recently completing shoots for Discovery and other outlets in regions as diverse as Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Patagonia, Jerusalem, Chile, Lebanon, France, Spain, Norway, Jordan and India.

One of Ray's great specialties is getting into countries which are usually closed to large camera crews and news organizations. Ray's cinematographers have recently visited Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Tibet and Burma to bring back images of situations not easy to capture on video.

Ultimately Ray's passion is in the natural wonders, landscapes, religions, cultures and people of the world, but he has amassed a vast library of colleagues who film everything else as well. This is a small, tight knit community of passionate cinematographers who enjoy knowing that you and your clients can make their projects better by utilizing the footage that we love so much to produce.
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