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Robert Howard

Nombre de EmpresaOrbit Creative
Miembro Desde28 May 2008
Working in advertising as a Graphic designer and Copywriter since 1984. Shooting stock footage since 2005.
Dual citizenship. Canadian and British (EEC) passports.

Connect with me on Linked-in. Custom footage available on request.

New for 2012! London and Paris footage:
London 2012
video clip 22918252video clip 13878681video clip 10903904video clip 22759370video clip 22919347
Paris 2012
video clip 22897728video clip 11059878video clip 12569823video clip 10971674video clip 12603986

Orbit Creative "Best of" Videos:
Best of 2012
video clip 12568812video clip 12318429video clip 11235678video clip 12318609video clip 8892368
Best of 2011
video clip 6593936video clip 8917361video clip 6590022video clip 1095075video clip 8618442
Best of 2010
video clip 607789video clip 858876video clip 703513video clip 723460video clip 740198
Best of 2009
video clip 478492video clip 312353video clip 319569video clip 303824video clip 509007
Best of 2008
video clip 139542video clip 142633video clip 272956video clip 138030video clip 191348

video clip 1618252video clip 1644019video clip 1644037video clip 1620387video clip 1183297
video clip 1094141video clip 1340603video clip 1095625video clip 1078975video clip 1093430
video clip 703376video clip 572829video clip 567215video clip 561324video clip 565104

video clip 11164589video clip 2491677video clip 1847961video clip 521265video clip 11247509
video clip 359887video clip 484611video clip 513786video clip 315285video clip 1049317
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