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Pour placer un lien dans votre site pour, il suffit de choisir parmi ceux énumérés ci-dessous, copiez le code du lien et le coller dans une page de votre site. Profitez! Merci de vous connecter pour définir vos informations d'affiliation.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5
Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5
Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

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Custom search functionality on your site

It is possible to add Pond5 search functionality on your own site using the Pond5 API. There are two ways of accessing the API; either using the full API or using a slightly simplified version. Here we're going to talk about the simplified version.

There are two ways to use the simplified search. The first and most complicated but flexible way is for the searching to be done by your server side. That is, your user submits a form, your web server asks Pond5 for the result set, your web server then generates the search result page. Here you have full liberty to format the output and log the searches if you want to do that. The easier way is to do everything client side. The user presses search and a javascript asks Pond5 directly for the results. The formatting freedom is limited (but we're always interested in improving if you have suggestions) but it's simpler for you.

Both ways use the page xml_search to communicate with the API/Pond5's database. Everything you have to say goes via arguments to the URL and nothing is via POST:ed data. In both cases you'll need to base your search on a xml_search url and you setup via xml_search_setup.

Server side search (API)

Pond5 reference code: web page (source code)

Server side search (xml_search)

Pond5 reference code: web page (source code), with video playback (source code)
Example site: Ironstrike

Client side search (AJAX)

Pond5 reference code: minimal (source code), with some control (source code)
Example site: pr4god

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