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  • Idea Magnifying Glass Over Background With Different Association Terms

IDEA  Magnifying glass over background with different association terms
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23 Jul 2011
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IDEA. Magnifying glass over background with different association terms. Vector illustration.

Tags for this Illustration

abstract abstraction action aim alternative analysis appraisal argument art artwork associated association assumption axiom backdrop background basis brainstorm business circle cloud cognition communication concept conception conceptual contemplate core cover creation creative creativity curiosity decor decoration decorative definition design detail detective discovery display doctrine dogma enlarge equipment examine exploration eyesight fancy fantasy finance find finding focus form glass glossy graphic handle hypothesis icon idea ideology illustration imagination impression individuals info information innovation inquire inspect inspiration instrument intelligence internet invention investigate investigation keywords knowledge leadership learn lens logic look looking loupe macro magnification magnifier magnify magnifying method motivation object observation observe optical original outlook page partnership pattern philosophy plan position positive principles process project projection quest rationalism read reading reason research resolution result review scenario science scrutiny search searching seek shiny sight solution speak stratagem strategy study success supposition surveillance tactics tag tagcloud template text theorem theory thesis think thinking thought tool transparent trust understanding unique upshot view viewpoint wallpaper watch web wisdom word wordcloud zoom

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