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Israel-Mount Tabor And Izrael Valley

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25 Jul 2013
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a crusader flag of jerusalem at mount tabor, israel. the cross of the holy land, a greek cross in red on a white background, also known as the “jerusalem cross”, is the symbol of the custody of the holy land. mount tabor is located in lower galilee, at the eastern end of the jezreel valley, 17 kilometres (11 mi) west of the sea of galilee. in christianity it is believed by many to be the site of the transfiguration of christ and in judaism site for the battle between barak and the army of jabin, commanded by sisera. it is also known as har tavor, itabyrium, jebel et-tur, and the mount of transfiguration. the church of transfiguration is locatet at the summit, which is divided into greek orthodox (northeast) and latin catholic (southeast) areas. two arab towns are located at its base: shibli-umm al-ghanam (east) and daburiyya (west) as well as a jewish community called kfar tavor. photo by rafael ben-ari/chameleons eye..



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