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Two Women Working On A Laptop

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13 Jul 2015
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Two women working on a laptop


25-30 Years 30 Something 30-35 Years 30-Something 35-40 Years 40 Something 40-45 Years 40-Something 40s 50 Something 50-Something Fifty Something 50s Acquaintance Acquaintances Adult Adulthood Adults Alliance Attentive Business Business-Person Business-Persons Business-Woman Business-Women Businesses Businessperson Businesspersons Businesswoman Businesswomen Camaraderie Caucasian Caucasian Appearance Caucasians Closeness Communication Companion Companions Companionship Computer Computers Conversation Conversations Converse Corporate Discussing Discussion Educate Enterprise Enterprises Female Females Fifties Fifty-Something Forties Forty Something Forty-Something Friend Friendly Friends Friendship Friendships Grin Grinning Head & Shoulders Head And Shoulders Indoor Indoors Inside Instructing Instruction Ladies Lady Lap Top Lap Tops Lap-Top Lap-Tops Laptop Laptop Computer Laptop Computers Laptops Leader Leaders Leadership Learn Learning Listen Listening Mid Adult Mid Adults Mid-Adult Mid-Adults Middle Age Middle Aged Middle-Age Middle-Aged Nagy Notebook Computer Notebook Computers Outdoor Outside People Person Personal Computer Personal Computers Persons Pleased Pose Posed Posing Positive Relationship Relationships Role Model Role Models Seated Sit Sitting Sitting Down Smile Smiles Smiling Speak Speaking Steve Supportive Talk Talking Teach Teacher Teachers Teaching Technology Thirties Thirty Something Thirty-Something Together Train Training Two People Understanding Welcoming Woman Women


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