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Young Man And Woman At Graduation Ceremony

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14 Jul 2015
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Young Man And Woman At Graduation Ceremony


20-24 years 20-25 years 20-29 years 20s academia academic academic student academic students accomplishment achievement achievements adult adults alumni alumnus arm around arms around brick building brick buildings buildings campus campuses cap caps caucasian caucasian ancestry caucasian ethnicity caucasians celebrate celebrating celebration ceremonies ceremony certificate certificates cheer cheering classmate classmates college college campus college campuses college student college students colleges collegian collegians color image commencement commencement ceremonies commencement ceremony complete completed completion day days daytime diploma diplomas door doors doorway doorways education enjoy enjoying enjoyment entrance entrances entry entryway entryways excited excitement exuberance exuberant facing camera facing the camera female females front door front doors fun gown gowns graduate graduates graduation graduation cap graduation caps graduation ceremonies graduation ceremony graduation gown graduation gowns having fun higher education joy joyful joyous learning looking at camera looking to camera looking towards camera male males mortar mortar board mortar boards outdoor outdoors overjoyed passage passageway passageways portrait portraits post secondary school post secondary schools scholar scholars scholastic school schooling schools smile smiles smiling stone building stone buildings student students succeed succeeded success successes successful thrilled together togetherness triumph triumphant triumphs twenties two people universities university university campus university campuses university student university students valedictorian valedictorian ceremonies valedictorian ceremony valedictorians wood door wood doors wooden door wooden doors young adult young adult man young adult woman young adults young men young women


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