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  • Forefinger Pressing The Escape Button. White Background

Forefinger pressing the escape button. White background
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15 Jun 2011
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Forefinger pressing the escape button. White background

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access action activate active activity agency avoid away board break bureau business businessman businesswoman busy button buttons caucasian chat chatting clerk close close-up closeup communicate communicating communication communications complete component computer computers computing concept concepts conceptual connection control cord creative creativity desktop detail details determine device digital electronic electronics employee employment end enter entry equipment esc escape escaping evade executive exile exit female finalise finalize finger fingers fingertip flee fleeing flying focus free freedom from function gadget get getaway hack hacking hand hands hardware home homework industry info information input interface internet job key keyboard keyboarding keypad keys learn learning letter letters life lifestyle macro macros mail mailing media metaphor metaphorical metaphors micro micros modern modernity motion office offices one online only out pad part peripheral person personal press pressing process processing productive productivity publish publishing push pushing quit quitting refuge release resort secretarial secretary stop studio style symbol symbols tec tech technical technology termination text the tool tools top touch touching touchpad transmit type typing typist usability usage use user utility view virtual visual way web white wide wire woman word wordprocessing words work worker working workplace world write writing written www

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