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  • Close View On A Black Leather Wallet Full Of Banknotes. White Background.

Close view on a black leather wallet full of banknotes. White background.
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17 Jun 2011
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Close view on a black leather wallet full of banknotes. White background.

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abundance account accounting affluence amass amount arrange arrangement backdrop backdrops background backgrounds bacon bag balance bank banking banknote banknotes bargain benefit benefits bill billionaire bills black bringing buck bucks budget bunch business buy buying capital cash change close close-up closeup collect commerce concept concepts conceptual consume consumer consuming copy copyspace cost costs count counting credit currencies currency cut cut-out cutout debt denomination deposit detail details earn earning economy euro europa europe european euros exchange expensive fat finance financial financing fortune full fund funds getting greed greedy heap home income invest investing investment isolated isolation job leather lend life loan lottery macro macros management manager market matter metaphor metaphorical metaphors micro micros millionaire monetary money moneybag nobody note notes object objects occupation office one out overflow overflowing paper pay payday paying payment pile plenty pocket printed profit prosper prosperity prosperous provision purchase purse purses quantity reserves retirement revenue rich riches salary sale sales save saving savings sell selling setting shopping space spend spending stack still still-life studio stuff stuffed success successful symbol symbols the trade treasure value vault visible wages wallet wallets wealth wealthy white win withdraw work worth

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