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Hi there! Thanks for taking your time to visit my artist page on Pond5, a great place to start to quickly lead you through all the stock footage I have to offer.

Every single piece of footage I offer is available in both 25fps and 29,97fps versions, so that the footage has smooth playback in both the PAL/SECAM and NTSC regions in the world. Furthermore all footage is available in a SD version and HD versions starting at 1280x720 and going up depending on the original resolution size the footage was captured in. There is no need for you to scale down, speed up or slow down and re-render the footage to fit in your projects, retaining the video's high quality and saving you time!

To assist you in quickly finding what you need I have made collections, which have similar subjects. Please find them listed below, seperated in 25fps and 29,97fps:

Boat Passes Seagull on Wooden Harbor Pole - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoMosquitos in the Window - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoRuins under the Rome Colosseum in Italy - 25FPS PAL VídeoRays of Sun Shine through Dark clouds after Rainfall - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Animals@25fps / Animals@29,97fps

Swedish Fjord Coast - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoItalian Flag under Window - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoRome Trevi Fountain Wide Shot Italy HDR - 25FPS PAL VídeoRooftops of Montepulciano Tuscany Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Architecture@25fps / Architecture@29,97fps

Distant Man Walking in a Tunnel - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoIconic Venice Background - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoSummer Sun Lens Flare Green Leaves Park Trees - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoBlue Diamond Pattern Metal Frame - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Backgrounds@25fps / Backgrounds@29,97fps

Faraglioni di Capri Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoVivid Camogli Beach Liguria Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoPeople on the Beach at Spiaggia Granda Positano Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoPurple Pink Flowers in Tuscany - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Italy@25fps / Italy@29,97fps

Spooky Face Resting Spiders Drafty Cobweb - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoOld Abandoned Shed Falling Apart - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoDecaying Rust Spot Fridge - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoNeglected Rusty Windmill Green Wind Energy Power Failure - 29,97FPS NTSC 4K UHD Vídeo
Detriment@25fps / Detriment@29,97fps

Flames Flowing over Dark Crumbling Wood - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoWood Log Crumbles in Fire - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoRed Hot Log in Fire - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoFire Sparklets - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
fire@25fps / Fire@29,97fps

Churning River Water Slow Motion Close Up - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoGreen Water Bath Tub - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoNjupeskar Waterfall from a Distance - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoHigh Angle of a Powerful Flowing Forest River - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Water@25fps / Water@29,97fps

Turbine Windmill with Rotating Blades in the Sunlight - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoWhite Turbine Windmill on a Concrete Horizon - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoTurbine Windmill Turning in Sunny Clear Blue Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoTurbine Windmill Railing Metal Staircase - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Wind Turbines@25fps / Wind Turbines@29,97fps

Wasp Pollinates Pink Spring Baslee Blossom Flowers - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoGrowing Amaryllis - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoYellow Trumpet Narcissus Daffodils Trembling in the Wind - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoLooking into the Leafs of an Amaryllis - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Flowers@25fps / Flowers@29,97fps

Silhouette Pyrenean Oak Tree during Summer Sunset in a Park - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoThe Leaves Behind the Leaves - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoSun Moving Shining through Leaves – 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoRock Boulder Filled Forest River - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Forestry@25fps / Forestry@29,97fps

Njupeskar Waterfall from a Distance - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoLow Angle of a Powerful Flowing Forest River - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoPowerful Flowing River filled with Rocks - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoRevealing Isola Madre Lake Maggiore Stresa Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Lakes & Rivers@25fps / Lakes & Rivers@29,97fps

Warm Sunset Bay of Naples - 4K 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoShore Cave Ocean Sea Waves - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoCloudy Twilight Evening Coastal Sea Cave - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoLigurian Coastline Portofino - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Seacoast@25fps / Seacoast@29,97fps

Tourists Walking through Shopping Street in Amalfi Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoJoggers and Walkers next to a Road at Night - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoPeople on the Beach at Spiaggia Granda Positano Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoTourists Walking through Narrow Shopping Street in Slow Motion - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
People@25fps / People@29,97fps

Morning Sun Behind Naked Tree Trunk - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoAutumn Pond Tree Reflection Landscape - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoDuck Flyby Twilight Silhouetted Plume Reeds Fall - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoSeagull Colony on a Ocean Coastal Rock - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Autumn@25fps / Autumn@29,97fps

Looking up a Waterside Willow Tree Trunk - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoSpring Blossom Tree Sunshine Natural Lens Flare - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoCool Blue White Pink Spring Blossom - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoDaffodil Protecting Other Narcissus from Wind Medium Close up - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Spring@25fps / Spring@29,97fps

Rapallo Bay Liguria Italy - 29,97fps NTSC VídeoSeagull on a Wooden Harbor Mooring Pole - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoTree Trunk in Front of Trees in Park at Summer Sunset - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoShallow DoF shot of the Ponte Della Maddalena in Lucca Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Summer@25fps / Summer@29,97fps

Moving Through Leafless Branches Bushes to Old Abandoned Shed - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoWinter Morning Conifer Background - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoFields and Hills in Dartmoor Cornwall England - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoFire Wood Logs in an Abandoned Broken Down Shed - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Winter@25fps / Winter@29,97fps

Terrified Moon - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoFlashing Lightning Thunderstorm - 29,97FPS NTSC 4K UHD VídeoSmall Passenger Plane in a Big Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoWar Torn Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Sky@25fps / Sky@29,97fps

Rails Road and Sky - 4K 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoVan in a Parking Lot at the Docks - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoFamous Stacked Rock Formations of Capri Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VídeoHooded Cyclist Fades Away in Tunnel in Slow Motion - 29,97FPS NTSC Vídeo
Transport@25fps / Transport@29,97fps

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