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Night- ONLY MOON, STARS, ect., HD & 4K


Look for more scenes with sun, clouds, stars, moon in other media bins (collections) of this artist page. All clips are made of RAW photos so it is the best quality for ourdays. There are collections with the same videos in 4K (4096*2304) and FullHD 1080p options. (Every video has the option of choosing fps and size variations). ATTENTION:OUR COMPANY ARCHIVED ORIGINAL EXIF-JPEGs PHOTOS OF WHICH IS MADE THIS FOOTAGE, SO IF YOU NEED OTHER SIZE (also BIGGER SIZE) OF VIDEO WE MAY MAKE 5K OR EVEN 6K RESOLUTION F.F. OR CROPPED FOOTAGE WITH NEEDED FPS ( 23,976, 24, 25, 29,97, 30, 48, 50, 59,94 fps) AND DURATION FOR YOU OR WE MAY SELL THE PHOTOS. For other videos look two other our company's accounts: and

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