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Dutch Delta Works & Sea defense


The storm surge barrier of the Oosterschelde is, without any doubt, the most impressive storm surging structure of the Dutch Delta works. The Maeslantkering or Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier is part of the Europoort Barrier of the Dutch Delta Plan. The Haringvliet dam is an open dam which bridges the 4.5 kilometres of water between Goeree-Overflakkee and Voorne Putte. Philipsdam is a dam that belongs to the Delta Plan. It separates water of the lakes Krammer and Volkerak from the Oosterschelde. The dam of Veere or the ‘Veerse Gat’ dam was built in 1961 to protect Walcheren, North-Beveland and South-Beveland against a potential disaster. Brouwersdam Kust op Kracht = Replenishment activities to strengthen and maintain the Hondsbossche and Pettemer Sea Defence started in January 2014. It includes the construction and maintenance of a new sand coastline for 20 years.

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