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Hexagon3 Ca1 Flash Hd

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Matte attached
Alpha channel
Seamless Looping
Frame Rate
30 FPS
Tokyo, Japan
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Date Uploaded
12 Aug 2012
Date Created
2012 Aug -


Hexagon3 Neon Light.
Hexagon3 Aa4 HD FootageHexagon3 Cb2 HD FootageHexagon3 Cb1 HD FootageHexagon3 Ab4 HD FootageHexagon3 Ca1 HD FootageKaleidoscope Hex3 Ca3 HD FootageHexagon2 Ba2 HD FootageHexagon2 Ad2 HD FootageHexagon3 Ca3 Flash HD FootageHexagon3 Ba3 HD FootageHexagon3 Aa3 HD FootageHexagon3 Ba1 HD FootageHexagon3 Cb3 HD FootageHexagon3 Ca4 HD FootageHexagon3 Ba2 Flash HD FootageHexagon3 Ca2 HD Footage

Neon LED Dot v9.
Neon LED Dot9 B3a HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A4d HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A3a HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A3b HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A3k HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 B3b HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A4b HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 B3f HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A3e HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 B3e HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 B4e HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 B4d HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 B4f HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A3f HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 B4a HD FootageNeon LED Dot9 A4f HD Footage
Disco Light Tunnel
Disco Tunnel L1LC2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel W2LB2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel W1BC1 HD FootageDisco Tunnel 3 P1LB2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel W2LB1 HD FootageGalaxy EgD2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel W2LC1 HD FootageDisco Tunnel F2LB1 HD FootageDisco Tunnel W1BB2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel P1BB1 HD FootageDisco Tunnel P2BB2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel F1LC1 HD FootageDisco Tunnel 3 C1LB1 HD FootageDisco Tunnel C1LB2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel F1BB2 HD FootageDisco Tunnel C1BC2 HD Footage
LED Light wall.
LED Back 2 RArC2 HD FootageLED Back 2 PAmC1 HD FootageLED Back 2 RBrC3 HD FootageLED Disco Wall CMa2 HD FootageLED Disco Wall FFb 3 HD FootageLED Back 2 RBfC3 HD FootageLED Back 2 CBrC2 HD FootageLED Back D-WL HD Footage
LED and Electric Bulb Stage.
Disco Floor F1C1C4 HD FootageDisco Floor B2C1c HD FootageDisco Floor F1H1Sc HD FootageDisco Floor O1Bs HD FootageDisco Floor F1G1Sp HD FootageLED DenQ 2 NH2 HD FootageDisco Floor O4A HD FootageDisco Floor J1Sp HD Footage
Dot Line v9.
Dot9 B1km HD PNG FootageDot9 A2fm HD PNG FootageDot9 B1gm HD PNG FootageDot9 A1em HD PNG FootageDot9 B2hm HD PNG FootageDot9 A1am HD PNG FootageDot9 A1km HD PNG FootageDot9 A2hm HD PNG Footage
Simple 2D Patterns.
2D Pattern Stripe E HD FootageSpace Colorful Dot A1b 4k FootageSimple Dot ZbB2 HD FootageDot9 B1fm HD PNG FootageColorful Dot A1 4k Footage2D Pattern Wave Heart A HD Footage2D Pattern Stripe A HD FootageColorful Dot BE5 HD Footage
Flash Lighting.
Flash Lens Flares SS-Ab2 4k FootageFlash Lens Flares LS-Ad HD FootageFlash Lens Flares LS-Ba2 4k FootageFlash Lens Flares LS-Ac 4k FootageFlash Lens Flares LS-Ac2 HD FootageFlash Lens Flares LS-Bbc2 4k FootageFlash Lens Flares L-Bd2 HD FootageFlash Lens Flares S-Bdc2 4k Footage
Colorful Sparkle.
Color Sparkle DcFs HD FootageColor Sparkle AkCs HD FootageColor Sparkle BkBc HD FootageColor Sparkle BkFs HD FootageColor Sparkle DhFc HD FootageColor Sparkle BhCc HD FootageColor Sparkle FkBs HD FootageColor Sparkle EkBc HD Footage
Defocused Neon lights.
Neon Light in Dot Jt HD FootageNeon light Focus H3 HD FootageNeon light AhS HD FootageNeon Light Wave Heart A2 HD FootageNeon light ApS HD FootageNeon Light in Dot A HD FootageNeon Light Wave Heart C2 HD FootageNeon light BhL HD Footage
LED and "Electric bulb" stage and Hall.
Disco Floor F1C1C4 HD FootageDisco Floor B2C1c HD FootageDisco Floor F1H1Sc HD FootageDisco Floor O1Bs HD FootageDisco Floor F1G1Sp HD FootageLED DenQ 2 NH2 HD FootageDisco Floor O4A HD FootageDisco Floor J1Sp HD Footage
LED Space.
Disco Space 3XCb HD FootageLED Disco Space CCa HD FootageLED DenQ MlC HD FootageDisco Space 3DCb HD FootageLED DenQ 2 FH2 HD FootageLED DenQ MyS HD FootageLED DenQ 2 cross FC2 HD FootageLED Disco Space SfC HD Footage
Disco Wall
Disco Wall TFmS1 HD FootageDisco Space MSpG1 HD FootageDisco Space TSpG1 HD FootageDisco Wall TFmM1 HD FootageDisco Space MSpG2 HD FootageDisco Wall FMmS1 HD FootageDisco Wall FMbC2 HD FootageDisco Wall FFmG1 HD Footage
Spangle Glitter.
Mirror Ball 2 x4 SP DL1-3 HD FootageMirror Ball 2 x4 SP AMs-1 HD FootageSpangle FHc HD FootageSpangle NCb HD FootageSpangle 2 DL1-4 HD FootageSpangle 2 DL1-5 HD FootageMirror Ball HD FootageMirror Ball 2 x4 SP BL1-4 HD Footage


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