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Date Uploaded:
21 Sep 2012
Date Created:
2012 Sept -
Frame Rate:
30 FPS
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Disco Ball Lights.
Mirror Ball 2 x4 SP AL1-4 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x2 DL23 HD VideoDisco Ball light FCb HD VideoMirror Ball HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x1 LB02 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x3 DF A1r HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x2 DL09 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x4 SP DL1-5 HD VideoDisco Ball light FCc HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x3 DF A0r HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x1 LB20 HD VideoDisco Speaker DC3 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x4 SP AL1-5 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x3 DF A1s2 HD VideoMirror Ball HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x1 LB18 HD Video

Mirror Ball.
Mirror Ball 2 Bs1 HD VideoDisco Wall TNmM1 HD VideoDisco Floor H4Sc HD VideoMirror Ball 2 Sc1 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 Br1 HD VideoDisco Speaker BB8 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x1 LB26 HD VideoMirror Ball Nb HD VideoMirror Ball 2 Sb2 HD VideoDisco Floor D2Bs HD VideoDisco Floor O4Bs HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x3 DF Amr HD VideoMirror Ball 2 Fr2 HD VideoMirror Ball 2 Bb2 HD VideoDisco Floor F1J1Eq HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x1 LB04 HD Video
Disco Lights.
Disco Light RBf c3 HD VideoDisco Light Bi HD VideoDisco Light RAr h2 HD VideoMirror Ball HD VideoDisco Light RBr c4 HD VideoDisco Light Aa HD VideoDisco Light Ch2 HD VideoDisco Light Cg2 HD Video
Disco Dance Floor.
LED Back 2 CBrD3 HD VideoDisco Speaker CS4 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FMb2 HD VideoDance Floor O1 HD VideoDisco Dance Floor Room A03 HD VideoMirror Ball HD VideoDisco Dance Tunnel B01 HD VideoLED Back 2 CDrD3 HD Video
Disco Wall 2
Disco Space TSpC1 HD VideoDisco Space DSpjC1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FPa1 HD VideoDisco Space ESpB1 HD VideoDisco Space FSpjC2 HD VideoDisco Space DSpC1 HD VideoDisco Space DSpG1 HD VideoDisco Space ESpC3 HD Video
Disco Space
LED Disco Space CCa HD VideoDisco Floor C1H1A HD VideoDisco Floor J1Bs HD VideoDisco Space 3VuC HD VideoLED DenQ 2 cross FC1 HD VideoDisco Light Be HD VideoDisco Floor I2Bs HD VideoDisco Space 3RAb HD Video
Disco Wall
Disco Wall FNbC3 HD VideoDisco Wall FPmC1 HD VideoDisco Space TSpG1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall CMa2 HD VideoDisco Wall TNbC1 HD VideoDisco Space USpjE2 HD VideoDisco Wall FMmG1 HD VideoDisco Space DSpW1 HD Video
Electric bulb and LED Space.
Disco Space 3XCb HD VideoLED DenQ 2 FD2 HD VideoLED DenQ SBb HD VideoLED DenQ MfC HD VideoLED DenQ 2 FH2 HD VideoLED DenQ 2 NB2 HD VideoDisco Space 3XAc HD VideoDisco Space 3RAb HD Video
Flash Lighting.
Flash Lens Flares LS-Bb HD VideoFlash Lens Flares LS-Ba 4k VideoFlash Lens Flares L-Ac2 4k VideoFlash Lens Flares SS-Bc2 HD VideoFlash Lens Flares L-Abc2 4k VideoFlash Lens Flares LS-Acc HD VideoLive Hall Flash LH 3 HD VideoFlash Lens Flares S-Aac2 HD Video
Stage Lighting.
Stage Lighting D2 HD VideoStage Lighting 2 AnF0 HD VideoStage Lighting 2 BfF1s HD VideoHeart Glitter 2 M1 HD VideoStage Lighting B1b HD VideoStage Lighting 2 BfB2 HD VideoStage Lighting D2b HD VideoStage Lighting 2 CfC1s HD Video
Graphic Equalizer.
DJ Equalizer SFF2 HD VideoDJ Equalizer P4FF2 HD VideoDJ Equalizer CFN2 HD VideoPeak Meter SV Cb HD VideoDJ Equalizer P3FF4 HD VideoDJ Equalizer SMF3 HD VideoDJ Equalizer P5FF2 HD VideoDJ Equalizer P2FK2 HD Video
Speakers and Beat.
Disco Speaker DC1 HD VideoMusic Notes Jet B-S1 HD VideoDisco Space 3 RAfL HD VideoDisco Speaker DD2 HD VideoDisco Space 3 RArC1B HD VideoDisco Space 3 RArL HD VideoDisco Speaker CD3 HD VideoDisco Speaker EW1 HD Video
Speaker Room.
Music Notes Jet B-S2 HD VideoDisco Space 3 RBfW HD VideoMusic Notes Jet C-S1 HD VideoDisco Space 3 RAfL HD VideoSpeaker Spe Aa HD VideoDisco Speaker AW2 HD VideoDisco Speaker BB1 HD VideoDisco Speaker EW1 HD Video
Music Notes.
Music keyboard 2b HD VideoMusic Score Wave P1 HD VideoMusic Notes Jet B3 HD VideoMusic Film Cd1 HD VideoMusic keyboard 1a HD VideoMusic keyboard 3a HD VideoFilm Strip B01mm HD VideoMusic Ac HD Video

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Source: CGI

Tags for this videos

ball beam club colorful dance disco discotheque evening floor lights mirror ball mirrorball spotlight night

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