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Date Uploaded:
7 Feb 2013
Date Created:
2012 Dec -
Frame Rate:
30 FPS
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LED wall 2.
LED Wall 2 Heart BDr HD VideoLed wall 2f Ds1R1t HD VideoLED Wall 2Ww Bb1 NaB HD VideoLed wall 2f Bb1R2s HD VideoLED Wall 2Wb Eb1 BTW HD VideoLED Wall 2 Is1FG HD VideoLED Wall 2f Hb1Bs HD VideoLed wall 2f Fs1R2t HD VideoLED Wall 2 Heart BEc2 HD VideoLed wall 2f Cs1R1 HD VideoLed wall 2f Es1R1s HD VideoLED Wall 2Wb Bs1 LRA HD VideoLED Wall 2Wc Bs1 BTB HD VideoLED Wall 2S Gb1 TBR HD VideoLed wall 2f Db2W HD VideoLED Wall 2Ww Gs1 BTB HD Video

LED wall 1.
LED Disco Wall FFd 1 HD VideoLED Back A-C2 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FPa5 HD VideoLED Back D-C2 HD VideoLED Back 2 PBmC9 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FFd 6 HD VideoLED Back B-R2 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FMb1 HD VideoLED Back B-C1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FPb1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall CMCm1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FFc 5 HD VideoLED Back C-C4 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FFb 6 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FFa3 HD VideoLED Disco Wall CMb1 HD Video

LED wall.
LED Wall 2 Es1FB HD VideoLED Wall 2 Bb1SR1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FPa5 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FFc 1 HD VideoLED Wall 2 Gs1FR2 HD VideoLED Disco Wall CMCm3 HD VideoLED Wall 2 Bb1SR2 HD VideoLED Back A-C4 HD VideoLED Back B-B2 HD VideoLED Wall 2 Es1SR1 HD VideoLED Light Space 4 C1BC1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FNb5 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FNa1 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FNb4 HD VideoLED Wall 2 Hb1SR1 HD VideoLED Wall 2 Hb1SR2 HD Video

LED Light wall.
LED Back A-B1 HD VideoLED Back 2 RBrC3 HD VideoLED Back 2 PAmD6 HD VideoLED Back 2 CDrD2 HD VideoLED Back 2 RAfC2 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FPc2 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FNb2 HD VideoLED Disco Wall FPd3 HD Video

Disco Wall 2
Disco Space USpjB1 HD VideoDisco Tunnel L1LC1 HD VideoDisco Space ESpB1 HD VideoDisco Space FSpjG2 HD VideoDisco Space DSpC1 HD VideoDisco Space ESpjC4 HD VideoDisco Wall TFmG1 HD VideoDisco Space FSpjG1 HD Video

LED and Electric Bulb Stage.
Disco Floor F1D1Sc HD VideoLED Disco Space WCa HD VideoDisco Floor O4A HD VideoLED DenQ LuC HD VideoDisco Wall TNmG1 HD VideoDisco Space 3DAb HD VideoDisco Tunnel H1LA1 HD VideoLED DenQ SlC HD Video

Colorful Sparkle.
Color Sparkle EkFc HD VideoColor Sparkle CsFs HD VideoColor Sparkle AhFc HD VideoColor Sparkle BkBc HD VideoColor Sparkle FhCs HD VideoColor Sparkle AhBs HD VideoColor Sparkle EhCs HD VideoColor Sparkle FkCs HD Video

Spangle Glitter.
Spangle 2 BMs-2 HD VideoSpangle PCb HD VideoSpangle NCc HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x4 SP BL1-4 HD VideoMirror Ball HD VideoSpangle K Ns HD VideoMirror Ball HD VideoMirror Ball 2 x4 SP AL0-1 HD Video

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Source: CGI

Tags for this videos

LED Las Vegas club disco dot evening flash glitter light neon space sparkle stage star night seamless looping

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