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15 Nov 2011
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medical instruments, dolly Footagemedical surgery 2 Footagesurgery, sterile operating FootageX-ray of broken legs Footageorthopedic surgery 1 Footageanalysis in a medical lab Footagechemical reaction - a change of color Footageendoprosthesis, sterile operating Footageabdominal surgery 3 Footagesurgery, sterile operating Footagedoctor examines the boy his throat 2 Footagewomen waiting in the corridor of the hospital queue FootageResearch assistant conducts scientific experiments, pan Footagemedical equipment Footageprosthetics FootageLaparoscopic surgery of the abdomen 8 Footagepreparation for intravenous infusion Footageface doctor during surgery Footageabdominal surgery 7 Footagepreparation of material for examination 1 Footageinspection medicinal solutions 1 Footageabdominal surgery 8 Footagequality control of medicines Footagesurgery in a hospital 7 Footageendoprosthesis, sterile operating 3 Footagedoctor makes the patient ultrasonography 3 Footagenurse prepares a drug for injection Footageoperating room 12 Footageoperating room 6 Footagesurgery, sterile operating Footagemedical equipment Footagehospital corridor, Nikolaev, Ukraine 3 Footageintravenous injection Footagehuman anatomy, abdomen , pan Footagedrip during surgery, doctors are not in focus Footagedrop counter Footagehospital corridor, Nikolaev, Ukraine 2 Footagemassage 1 Footagenurse prepares the drug for chemotherapy 2 Footageorthopedic surgery 3 Footageman goes to the hospital corridor on the crutches Footagemedical equipment in the laboratory 5 Footagedoctor looks through a microscope Footageoperating room 7 Footagenurse working in the laboratory Footagesurgery on the abdomen in a sterile operating 3 Footagesyringe medicine is gaining 3 FootageMultispectral computed tomography human internal organs 3 Footagewoman drip intravenous , face is not in focus Footagepeople with disabilities in the hospital 3 Footagesurgery on the intestines 13 Footagemedical dripper 5 Footagenurse caring for the sick, Ukraine, Nikolaev 1 Footagelaparoscopic surgery on the monitor 3 Footagesyringe medicine is gaining Footagelaparoscopic surgery, Nikolaev, Ukraine  Footageface a doctor during surgery 4 Footagedropper in a sterile operating Footageinspection medicinal solutions 4 Footagedoctors regard X-ray Footagesurgery on the intestines 5 Footagedirectory test in the laboratory Footagedoctor inspects a boy Footageman goes to the hospital corridor on the crutches Footagenurse prepares instruments for surgery 2 Footagedropper in a sterile operating 2 Footagewoman doctor is under stress 1 FootageLaparoscopic surgery of the abdomen 6 Footagelamp in the dental office  1 Footagesurgery, sterile operating Footageoperating room 11 Footagesurgery on the intestines 2 Footagesurgery on the intestines, magical light 2 Footagedripper ill patient in the hospital 2 Footagepatient at the dentist 1 FootageNurse changing drip ill patient in the hospital Footagepatient at the dentist 9 Footagedoctor writing prescription FootageLaparoscopic surgery 1 Footagelamp in the dental office  FootageX-rays of the teeth 2 Footagepreparation of bone cement for arthroplasty 1 Footagesurgeon's hands close-up FootageMultispectral computed tomography of the head  2 Footagesurgery, sterile operating Footagemedicine Footagepatient at the dentist 6 Footagenurse measures the pressure of ill patient Footagewoman goes to the hospital corridor on the crutches Footagemedical equipment in the surgical department 2 Footagewoman looking through a microscope Footagenurse removes the instruments after surgery Footageoperating room 2 Footagesurgery on the intestines 3 FootageX-ray of hip joint FootageLaparoscopic surgery of the abdomen 5 Footagesurgery in a hospital 6 Footagesurgery on his leg Footagetwo men male patients are in the hospital ward Footagesurgery on the intestines 16 Footageelectrocardiogram


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