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Vintage Film Women in the Kitchen


From the days when women put summer fruit on the tin roof of a building for two days in order to make preserves to the advent of the TV chef. The woman who has to provide a hot dinner for her husband and family every night is effectively tethered to the stove and limited in how much she can accomplish in the outside world. Whether or not that is true is moot. But she takes us on a whirlwind tour--from the homesteader housewife in the mid-19th century (who kneaded her dough by the sweat of her brow) to the modern homemaker of 1955 (for whom Wonder Bread was a miracle) to the contemporary working woman (whose bread machine will be used, if at all, after a long day at the office). The mother of level measurements, before whose advent a pinch or a dash would have to do. Sophistication to the peons, who had been stirring up tuna noodle casserole in a postwar world where the mixing of packaged food had become an art form. In between came the granola people (and now the bean-sprout contingent).

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