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[b]Laundry[/b] processes are often done in a business, room or area in a home or apartment building, reserved for that purpose; this is also sometimes referred to as a [b]laundry[/b]. The material that is being [b]washed[/b], or has been laundered is also generally referred to as [b]laundry[/b]. [b]Women's work[/b] or [b]woman's work[/b] is a term used particularly in the West to indicate work that is believed to be exclusively the domain of [b]women[/b] and associates particular tasks with the female gender. It is particularly used with regard to work that a mother or wife will perform within a family and [b]household[/b]. (See sexual division of labour.) Related concepts include [b]gender role[/b], wage labour and employment,[b] female workforce[/b], and [b]women's rights[/b] (cf. [b]Gender roles[/b] and feminism). The term may be pejorative, when applied to men performing roles which were largely designated for women.

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