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Khyber Agency - FATA


The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) are a a group of independent administrative units that lie in between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Tribal Areas and agencies comprise of a Warrior Race that are have been known throughout history as one of the fiercest and bravest people in the world. They have never been conquered in over 1000 years of history and have withstood invaders like Genghis Khan, Alexander The Great, Tamerlane, Mahmud Ghaznavi and The British Colonial Forces. Today the Tribal Areas of Pakistan are considered to be the most lawless, ungoverned and dangerous places on earth, offering a perfect hideout for militants like Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The entire Tribal Region is a No Man's Land and all foreigners are forbidden from entering the area. It is also an extremely dangerous place for journalists - the week preceding this shoot saw two Pakistani Journalists kidnapped and slaughtered by Militants in the same region. The tribal areas are also known as Waziristan and are further subdivided into South Waziristan and the infamous North Waziristan The Khyber Pass is the Gateway to the Khyber Agency in FATA. The Khyber Agency stretches from Peshawar in the East all the way to the Turkham Border with Afghanistan in the West and incorporates much of what is known as South Waziristan

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